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HELP: Best Sellers

What are Best Sellers?

Best Sellers are your personal selection of cigars from our vast inventory.   By taking the time to set up a Best Sellers list, you get some unique benefits:

  1. Email notification - If your Best Sellers list includes popular brands or sizes that frequently go out of stock, we will email you a notification once they are received and placed in inventory.  You must have an account and be logged in to view your cigars.
  2. Customized Search - Your Best Sellers list is the fastest way to see if the cigars you want are in stock. If you bookmark your Best Sellers page, a login box will appear.  Once logged in, you can then view your list.

Using Best Sellers the first time

Click on "Your Best Sellers" to see your list of Best Sellers. The first time, it will read

"No Best Sellers have been found. Please feel free to establish a list by checking the Best Sellers box on any page returned from a search.".

To search for cigars, simply press "Cigar Search" on the navigation bar found on your left hand side.

After you conduct a search, you will be presented with a page containing your desired cigars.  Look at the last column.

[picture of a search results, w/ an arrow pointing to the checkbox]

The checkbox will indicate whether or not that particular cigar is listed as "Your Best Sellers." 

When you see the page listing the cigars you like, click the box in the * column next to your cigar (putting a check mark in the box). After you've added cigars and updated your Best Sellers list, click on Best Sellers to see your list of Best Sellers. The cigars you added will now be shown in your Best Sellers list.


Adding and deleting favorites

You can add to your list of Best Sellers any time you request a Search Results page, including the Shopping Cart, and see a list of cigars.  Simply click the box in the Best Sellers column next to the cigar you want to add.  Once you've checked the desired cigars, press the "Update Cart and Best Sellers" button to finish off the process.  Once you've done this, you can then press "Your Best Sellers" and view your entire line of "Best Sellers".

If you wish to remove a cigar from your Best Sellers list, you can uncheck the Best Sellers box next to that cigar  in both your Best Sellers list; and on any Search Results page that shows that cigar.  Once again, in order to officially add or remove any cigar off your "Best Seller" list, you MUST press the "Update Cart and Best Sellers" button.


Email notification

You will be sent an email message automatically the night following the day we receive and post cigars in your list. Please note that the email is an alert that we received a certain quantity of these cigars the previous day. There is no guarantee that the cigars will still be in stock when you call or check the website. Act fast!