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HELP: Ordering

Establish an Account

You must establish an account before shopping and creating lists of "Best Sellers". Click on the link, enter your email address and an application will be sent via email. When your application has been reviewed and approved (usually within 24 hours), a CigarDomain agent will contact you to give you your login information.

Shopping Cart

This is where all cigars you choose are held until you Check Out. There is no obligation…you can add or subtract cigars as you wish. If you leave cigars in your cart and do not buy, they will eventually be automatically removed. Clicking on Shopping Cart from any page will show you what is in your cart.

Quantity Restrictions

Although supply has gotten much better than in recent years, there are still situations when quantities of a certain brand or size must be limited. also has a minimum of four boxes per order. Limits will be indicated on the search result page where you view the cigar.

You will not be able to check out when your cart contains too much of a restricted brand or too few boxes. Restrictions are subject to change at any time without notice.

Payment Methods

Major credit cards are accepted: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Optima.  COD orders are also accepted. Money Orders or Certified Checks with approval.


For all orders shipped within the State of Pennsylvania, is required BY LAW to collect PA State Sales Tax of 6% on the TOTAL value of the order, which includes both the item(s) total and the shipping charges. Some regions of the state require a 7% sales tax. Depending on the zip code you enter on your order form, the rate will be adjusted accordingly. We do not charge tax when shipping outside the State of Pennsylvania.